About sandor

Sándor Róbert Zicherman, an esteemed Hungarian artist hailing from Transcarpathia, left an indelible mark on the art world with his prolific career that spanned over six decades, crossed numerous countries, and embraced a variety of styles. As a painter, sculptor, graphic, and medal artist, he showcased his work in more than 200 exhibitions across Russia, the former Soviet Union, Hungary, and numerous other European nations.

His art has been welcomed into the collections of prestigious museums in Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary, and is cherished in private collections worldwide, from America to Europe and Asia.


The works on this website are intended to present the art of Sándor Zicherman. Some of them are not for sale, others are already part of a private or museum collection. This is of course not the case for the artworks included in the webshop. If any of the works on this website are of interest to you, please contact us. 


Explore the diverse artistry of Sándor Zicherman showcased on this website, spanning from pieces that are not for sale to those already residing in private and museum collections. However, a significant selection of his works is available for acquisition. Should any piece captivate your interest, we warmly invite you to reach out to us for more information!